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March 04 2022

Grid Squared Systems Utilization of Swiftlane Technology for Video Intercom

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We at Grid Squared Systems are always exploring and forging partnerships with cutting edge tech companies to help provide further value and top of the line system options to our clients.  A partner whose technology we’ve utilized across multiple client sites to further simplify and enrich controlling their entry points is Swiftlane.

Swiftlane is a complete physical security solution for multifamily buildings and commercial office spaces alike. The cloud-based access control and video intercom system won SIA’s 2020 New Product Showcase award in the Access Control Software, Hardware, Devices & Peripherals – Wired category. Recently, Swiftlane was selected as a 2021 Architizer A+Product Awards Special Mention in the Innovation – NEW! category, and was also a Finalist in the Building Equipment & Systems category.

Some of the features that are deployed through a Swiftlane install are:

  • Unified access control and video intercom system, including face recognition access, mobile unlock, PIN code and key cards
  • IK10 rated vandal-resistant touchscreen directory and digital multi-tenant screen
  • Sleek mobile app for residents that reliably receive video intercom calls every time
  • Generate temporary, single-use PIN codes with ability to set expiration times
  • Schedule multi-use PIN codes during specific days and times
  • Advanced, comprehensive resident security, which is the #1 most important leasing and buying decision for any property
  • Options to install alongside an existing or a new key fob system

Additionally, a Swiftlane install utilizes your building internet or works over cellular, and eliminates the cost of separate intercom telephone lines. The upgrade requires a single ethernet cable to the main door, without the need for running wiring to every unit.

The Swiftlane software comes with over-the-air updates, which means you constantly get new feature updates and reduce or eliminate additional costs associated with system maintenance.

Swiftlane Benefits

Our utilization and installation of Swiftlane products allows multifamily properties and businesses alike to implement solutions that create value and drive user satisfaction.

For Property Managers:

  • Built to provide freedom to property management teams and increase staff productivity by automating security management
  • Enable self-guided tours
  • Automate resident move-in and move-out processes
  • Improve resident experience and boost retention
  • Eliminate key management
  • Reduce loss to vacancy with improved lease conversion rate
  • Simple, secure delivery and package management
  • Optimize net operating income (NOI)

For Owners:

  • Designed to elevate the building experience and attract high quality tenants
  • Collect higher rent and ancillary revenue
  • Adds 5 new amenities to the building with a simple, cost effective install
  • Create a future-proof and future-flexible property with over the air software updates
  • Drive down unnecessary operating costs and maximize returns (ROI)

For Development, Acquisition, and Asset Management: 

  • Fast, cost-effective retrofits
  • Generate tangible building value
  • Expedite ROI and maximize IRR
  • Create scalable growth
  • Facilitate data-informed decisions
  • Optional landline-enabled intercom calls
  • Remote, mobile door unlock to manage visitors from anywhere
  • Generate single- or multi-use PIN codes for visitors
  • Secure, streamlined deliveries
  • Multi-tenant directory with the option to look up residents quickly, make video calls and gain access through remote unlock

For additional information about how Grid Squared Systems partners with Swiftlane and examples of our installs, reach out to us at or 718-874-9128.

For more information about Swiftlane visit their website: and Swiftlane reviews for user reviews!

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