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April 14 2023

Product Highlight: Alcatraz Rock AI Data Driven Authentication

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The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touching every aspect of our lives and has been happening at a breakneck speed over the past year. Virtually every industry is either developing AI-related tools or employing AI-related apps to improve the user experience.

Industry giants such as Google and Microsoft are utilizing AI as a means of creating complex query responses, while Amazon competitor Alibaba is BETA testing AI-related tools to improve customer experience. The breadth of AI utility and capabilities is impressive and only growing.

The security industry is no stranger to AI and is benefiting from its proliferation; enabling companies to offer more sophisticated solutions to our clients for an evolving and dynamic office environment in our post covid world. Grid Squared Systems has further expanded our partisanships to offer AI solutions to solve complex security and surveillance issues.

Along with AI adoption, however, are rising concerns surrounding privacy, copyrights, and authentication across all industries. The policing of private data and, in some instances, loss of anonymity are some of the pitfalls and rising concerns in a world that has become increasingly digitized.

Grid Squared Systems continuously evaluates the best AI options for our systems and clients to ensure appropriate physical and data safety. Some AI-operated systems work on the basis of facial recognition via images, while others work on the basis of facial authentication via 3D facialdata points. Although effective, facial recognition carries the risk of data leaks of personally identifiable information (PII) and photos. Our partnership with Alcatraz AI is revolutionary as their solution, the Rock, uses 3D mapping and deep neural networks to create an encrypted digital template for AI-driven authentication.  This new way of data utilization ensures that the created encrypted digital template or “data blob” could never be reconstituted to be an image of the face from which it was gathered or used to identify an individual any other way. The digital template is only linked to the employee’s badge number with no collection or storage of PII.

The Alcatraz Rock does not store enrollment images, thus preventing potential data breaches from obtaining highly personalized information about employees/end users. The Rock does not require integration and works natively with virtually allaccess control systems that Grid Squared Systems offers . The AI solution has the ability to send alerts to the access control system if an unauthorized entry or tailgating incident has occurred. In addition to detecting and alerting to the tailgating incident, it provides actionable data that can be used to enforce compliance with your security policies better.

For more information on access control, surveillance, security, and AI options or for a consultation, reach out to us directly at or through our LinkedIn messaging feature!


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