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March 31 2023

Product Highlight: Door Detective® & Door Detective SG

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In the evolving post-Covid work environment, it's become challenging to keep track of a multitude of schedules and work arrangements for each employee, especially at larger enterprises.

Often, we are asked by our clients to weigh in and propose solutions for unique security issues related to occupancy and access. Our breadth of partnerships allows us to formulate and solve our client's specific needs.

One such product that helps our clients and partners keep track of occupancy and provides in-depth data is the Door Detective from Smarter Security®. The Door Detective is a doorway-mounted detection and direction control system ideal for any access-controlled area where an intruder could cause damage or theft. The technology detects tailgating, directional violations, and intruders by detecting someone taking advantage of a closing door. Tailgating, specifically for access control, is a physical security breach in which an unauthorized person follows an authorized individual to enter secured premises. The Door Detective access control solution monitors, detects, and alerts if such a breach has occurred. Additionally, the Door Detective is compatible with any access control system, providing notifications when a violation has occurred.

The newest addition to the line is the Door Detective SG with revolutionary "sidegating" technology. Capable of detecting side-by-side collusion, the SG allows awareness if more than one person tries to walk side-by-side through a double-door or wide single-door entry. This latest addition to the Door Detective line is perfect for organizations needing a cost-efficient entry sensor to monitor authorized and unauthorized activity at high-value or restricted access points.

Some of the most common places where the Door Detective is utilized are laboratories where security is paramount, data centers and server rooms, corporate offices, campus facilities, distribution centers, and even fitness centers (among other industries).


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