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June 13 2014

Why a Service Plan is Important

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Often times we are asked if the Service & Maintenance plan that are included with out proposlas are required. While they arent required they are strongly recommended for several reasons.  We are going to outline those reasons in this blog post.

  • Budgetary Considerations-With a service plan in place normal wear and tear of your system is covered under the agreement.  The cost for this is easy to plan and budget for since the price is set in the agreement.  When there is no agreement in place service issues are covered on a Time and Material basis which is an unknown amount at the start of a service call.  Its often hard to find the money to cover the necessary repairs because it has not been planned for.
  • Better System Operation and Health-When techs make regular service and maintenance visits it gives t them the opportunity to make sure that everything is running smooth.  Small issues can be corrected before they become larger ones. Take a look at the attached video from a DVR that didnt have a maintenacne call for close to 2 years.  As a result of this the clients system was down for an entire day while a technican updated and cleaned the machine.
  • We are the Experts– Our technicins are factory trained on the systems that we install.  We work these systems everyday, its what we do.  Your office person who is “good with computers” is only going to make things worse and more expensive.  Clients without service agreements in place are hesitant to call or try to solve the issue other ways which can lead to even more issues.

As with anything make sure you read the agreement and understand it.  Make sure that you understand what is covered under the plan and what is not.  You are going to be working with that company for period of time so make sure that you are comfortable with all the details before entering into any agreement.  You can always contact the team a Grid Squared Systems for help.

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